Treat the world with care

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At General Mills one of our goals is to stand among the most socially responsible food companies in the world. We want to treat the world with care and not least because our success is directly dependent on natural resources, on the communities in which we operate and on the people with whom we work.

Globally we have made a number of important sustainability commitments including a goal to sustainably source the raw materials we use in our products. We are committed to sustainably sourcing 100 percent of our top 10 priority ingredients by 2020 – representing more than 50 percent of our annual raw material purchases.

Those 10 ingredients are: vanilla, cocoa, palm oil, sugarcane, oats, wheat, sugar beets, corn, dairy products and fibre packaging.

Packaging plays a critical role in preserving the safety, nutrition and quality of the food we make. It also presents challenges in terms of raw materials used in production as well as the waste generated when improper disposal occurs. We share the global concern about the effects of plastic packaging on the environment, especially the accumulation of ocean plastic waste and associated threats to marine life. As responsible stewards of natural resources, we aim to reduce our environmental impact across each product’s full life cycle. Several key strategies drive our work to reduce the impact of packaging production and waste.

•The first is our climate ambition, through which we are working to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions occurring within our packaging supply chain, which represents 7 percent of our total value chain emissions.
•The second is our commitment to sustainably source 100 percent of our fiber packaging by 2020.
•The third is our ambition that 100 percent of our packaging be recyclable by design by 2030, a critical driver in our quest to create a more sustainable value chain.
•Finally, our target to achieve zero waste to landfill at 30 percent of our owned production facilities by 2020 and 100 percent by 2025 will reduce impacts from making and packaging our products.

For each of these commitments, we measure and report publicly on an annual basis.

Click on the video below to discover our General Mills CSR commitments in Australia: